Prediction of tyrosine sulfation sites with multiple features and analysis

  Input the sequences in Fasta format:
PreSulSite is a computationally tool to predict sulfotyrosine sites by incorporating protein second structure, physicochemical properties of amino acids and residue sequence-order information based on support vector machine. Window size -4 to +4 is employed in the prediction model PredSulSite. Users can submit their uncharacterized protein sequences in FASTA format. The predictions are presented in a diagram that includes protein name, the position of site, flanking amino acids and SVM Probability. MatLab code of feature encoding can be downloaded from here: PreSulSite MatLab code.

Citation: Huang SY, Shi SP, Qiu JD, Sun XY, Suo SB, Liang RP.PredSulSite: prediction of protein tyrosine sulfation sites with multiple features and analysis.Anal Biochem. 2012 Sep 1;428(1):16-23.