Prediction of protein methylation sites

Input the sequences in Fasta format:

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PMeS is a web tool for identifying protein methylation sites based on enchanced feature encoding scheme and support vector machine. Window size -7 to +7 is employed to construct the prediction model. Users can submit one or multiple human or other species protein sequences in FASTA format to the system and select which type of residues (R or K) need to be predicted. The system efficiently returns the predictions, including protein name, the position of site, flanking amino acids and SVM probability. Datasets and Matlab code can be downloaded from here: PMeS_datasets, PMeS_Matlab Code.

Citation: Shi S-P, Qiu J-D, Sun X-Y, Suo S-B, Huang S-Y, et al. (2012) PMeS: Prediction of Methylation Sites Based on Enhanced Feature Encoding Scheme. PLoS ONE 7(6): e38772.