The prediction of palmitoylation site locations

  Input the sequences in Fasta format:(Example )
WAP-Palm is a web tool for identifying protein palmitoylation sites based on weight amino acid composition, auto-correlation functions and position specific scoring matrix profiles. Window size -9 to +9 is employed to construct the prediction model. Users can submit one or multiple protein sequences containing minimum 19 amino acids in FASTA format to the system. The system efficiently returns the predictions, including protein name, the position of site, flanking amino acids and SVM probability. Datasets can be downloaded from here: WAP-Palm_datasets.

Note: WAP-Palm uses evolutionary sequence features, which are extracted from a position specific scoring matrix (PSSM) profile, created by PSI-BLAST. To obtain the PSSM profile of the predicted protein, we have to run PSI-BLAST, which may take up to a few minutes for some sequences, depending on the sequence length.  

Citation: Shaoping Shi, Xingyu Sun, Jianding Qiu*, Shengbao Suo, Xiang Chen, Shuyun Huang, Ruping Liang. The prediction of palmitoylation site locations using a multiple feature extraction methods, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 2013, 40: 125-130.