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PredHydroxy: Prediction of Protein Hydroxylation Site Last update: Dec. 3 2014
Annotation of hydroxylation in proteomes is a first-critical step toward decoding protein function and understanding of their physiological roles that have been implicated in the pathological processes and providing useful information for the drug designs of various diseases related with hydroxylation. In this work, we present a web service, called PredHydroxy, which is constructed to predict the proline and lysine hydroxylation sites based on position weight amino acids composition, 8 high-quality amino acid indices and support vector machine. Window size -6 to +6 is employed to construct the prediction model. The web service of P
redHydroxy was implemented in .Net 4.0 framework. Users can submit one or multiple protein sequences containing minimum 13 amino acids in FASTA format to the system and select which kind of post-translational modifications (hydroxyproline or hydroxylysine) need to be predicted. The system efficiently returns the predictions, including protein name, the position of site, flanking amino acids and SVM probability. In addition, PredHydroxy supports continuous stringency adjustment to meet the various confidence requirements of users. To control the false-positive predictions, we suggest users pay more attention to the sites with stringency setting higher than 70%.
Input protein sequence(s) in FASTA format.
Modification residue type
Threshold setting
Specificity %
The datasets can be downloaded at here.
Shaoping Shi, Xiang Chen, Haodong Xu, Jianding Qiu*. PredHydroxy: computational prediction of protein hydroxylation site locations based on the primary structure, Molecular BioSystems. 2015, 11, 819-825.
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