Deciphering proteome-specific PTM sites atlas

About PTMProber1.0

PTMProber1.0 is designed to to globally identify a variety of post-translational modifications in a proteome of user interest using known modified sites from other experimentally-investigated proteomes integrated BLAST algorithms. Although the current pre-constructed models only involved several post-translational modifications, and were only correlated with cellular conditions of 340 organisms, PTMProber provides a unique functionality for constructing customized models (such as organism-specific and modification-specific models) from user-provided data sets. PTMProber can bring experimental hypothesis into proteomics studies of PTMs. For example, it will prompt many researchers to develop PTM networks of new organism that more accurately reproduce relevant aspects of human physiology. From such investigations, it is clear that specific organisms often serve as more effective objects of particular human diseases Please find the more details here.

Updates and statistics

05/07/2014 The PTMProber web server becomes a online tool for deciphering proteome-specific PTM sites atlas, and it combines two tools of model customizing for system extensibility of PTMProber. The users can utilize this functionality in PTMProber web server for constructing models customized BLAST databases using their own PTM data in assigned cellular conditions to rapidly create inexpensive, customizable, conditions-specific proteomic data.
01/19/2014UbiProber2.0 from the extension version of its 1.0 was updated by collecting new data from various post-translational modifications to respectively deciphering proteome-specific PTM sites, and renamed as PTMProber.
08/15/2013 The BLAST algorithms were integrated to predict ubiquitination sites in species-specific proteome as a extension of UbiProber1.0. Note that UbiProber1.0 was developed to identify general and species-specific ubiquitin conjugation sites by incorporating key sequence features and machine-learning approach of Support Vector Machine.

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UbiProber2.0 is currently developed and maintained by Xiang Chen and JianDing Qiu at the Qiu Lab . The project was initiated by Xiang Chen and JianDing Qiu in Mar 2013.
Funding credits: This work was supported by program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET-11-1002) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (20605010 and 21175064).

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