1. Please input the protein sequences in Fasta format: Example  Clear
The Example hyperlink is used to input the an amino acid sequence and a short identifier. Please try to click it.
The Clear hyperlink is used to clear all the inputs and outputs. Please try to click it.
The text above is used to input the AMINO ACID sequence in Fasta format.Note that there is no upper limit to the length of sequences which can be submitted, but maximum 1000 amino acid residues sequences is recommend to be submitted in the textbox. Too many residues for prediction can cause the system to crash. If your sequence is longer than this, try breaking it into likely fragments before submitting it.The input protein sequences have to: (i) contain minimum 25 amino acids; (ii) contain only characters that present amino acids.
2. Please choose one or more kinase which you wan to predict
Phosphorylation S Expand/Hide
Single kinase

Kinase family

Kinase group

Phosphorylation T Expand/Hide
Phosphorylation Y Expand/Hide
These above checkboxes are used to select the type of protein kinase which include single kinase, kinase family and kinase group. Users can choose one or more type of kinase to predict the kinase-specific phosphorylation site. The default page only lists the kinase of phosphoserine. For predicting the kinase of phosphothreonine and phosphotyrosine, please click the Expand/Hide and then the corresponding kinase type will list in this page. please tyr to click them!
3. Please input the following information to receive the predicted results
Please input short identifier for submission:       Please provide your e-mail addresss:  
Use the first textbox to assign a short memorable name to your prediction job. This is useful so that you can identify particular jobs in your mailbox. The name you specify will be included in the subject line of the e-mail messages sent to you from the server.
The second textbox is used to input the e-mail address. Results will be returned as soon as they are available - usually within 20 minutes, though sometimes longer depending on the server load. Bear in mind that if you enter an incorrect e-mail address, there is no way the server can contact you! Also watch out that your anti-spam software isn't rejecting the messages from our server.
The Submit button below is used to submit the query protein sequence to the server. Please try to click it.
To see the sample output, try to click the Example hyperlink, input the correct e-mail address and click the Submit button.


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